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Our Story


The idea for our store was born when our five month-old, Juliana, started teething and was going through a dozen bibs a day.  We were struggling to find baby gear that reflected our love of stylish accessories, while keeping our adventurous little girl dry.  We took matters into our own hands and started making and testing bibs that used absorbent fabrics and dry wicking to keep moisture away from our little one's sensitive skin.  Bandida Bibs reflects all of the care  and thought we put into creating items that addressed our baby's needs.  We have put as much love into crafting each of our handmade products as we did when we made the first set for our little one. 


We hope you enjoy our baby accessories as much as we enjoy making them and sharing them with you! 


If you have ideas about how we can improve any of our products, please let us know.  Your insights are key to helping us more effectively meet the needs of parents facing similar challenges.



Thanks for stopping by!


Ana and Mercy

Mom and Grandma


We aim to deliver clever, quality products to parents trying to juggle baby, life, and work with style and grace.

Juliana, the first Bandida.

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